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“L” Die-Cut Standee

I designed a custom laser-cut paper standee for the Undergraduate Office at Loyola University Maryland. This was an interesting project to design from beginning to end: I had to consider how a new die would be cut and glued so that it could be self-standing, and I had to consider materials that were sturdy within the allotted budget. The request was to design a stand-alone paper product with an exterior shape of the Loyola “L”, and on the back, to feature various facts about Baltimore. The main design problem involved designing a self-standing “L”, and also fitting several paragraphs of text on a narrow backer. After several iterations, I designed the standee and the backer to the delight of my clients.

The finished product is a custom, die-cut letter “L” with an adhesive backer. The paper is 100# white opaque Cougar stock with a varnish and a scored edge, so that it can stand independently.