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Idioms of Love Cards

For my yearly Valentine’s Day card, I wanted to do something different and bring travel or foreign language into my design. I discovered some interesting idiomatic phrases concerning love while studying Spanish, and decided to make 4 cards each representing a different idiom. For Spanish, I used “media naranja,” which means “orange half,” and refers to a soul mate. For French, I used “le coup de foudre,” which translates to “lightning strike,” and refers to love at first sight. In Russian, “po vlyubitsya” means “up to your ears,” and it means to be fully, completely in love. And in Chinese, the phrase “One day, three autumns,” means to miss someone so much that one day feels like three years have passed.

The cards were printed digitally on Cougar Opaque White Cover #70. The illustrations were hand drawn and hand painted with watercolor paints. They are sized at A7, with a score and fold line.